About Us

About Us

Software Piracy is a major issue face by many proprietary software vendors. For a large-scale company, this may be tolerable. But if you are an individual developer or consist with a small team you know how frustrating it if someone using your hard-made software without paying you. So let’s end this. Every software developer and vendor deserves better than this. Let’s pay for what we use. So at VIPONLY.lk, we make sure that the developers get paid in the meantime you get the legal authority to use it.

VIPONLY.lk is for ladies and gentlemen only.

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Goods/services offered: Digital license keys

Refund policy: Visit our Refund Policy page.

Terms & conditions: Visit our Terms & conditions page.

Postal address: 85/3B, Salmal Garden, Elhena Road, Maharagama, SriLanka

Customer care: use our 24/7 chat system, use our contact form, drop an email to [email protected]

Transaction currency: Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR)

Country of operation: Sri Lanka only

Policy regarding the delivery of goods: After a successful payment, the key will be delivered to the provided email. This is digital delivery. There will be no boxes or packings.

Data privacy policy: We only collect your name, email, contact no, to deliver the key. We do not reveal your info to any 3rd party for any reason. for detailed info please visit our privacy policy page

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